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We’re very grateful to report that the always listening BILLCS Music Blog (“Charting the internet pop world one blog post at a time”) has tuned in and turned on to the new recording & remix of Sexy Boy – and had this to say:

In the music biz, everything that’s been done before can be reinvented, remixed and rebooted into something that can fit into whatever is contemporary today. “Sexy Boy” has a timeless, easy-going electronic pop mystique that can fit into the fun and flirty part of dance music that is giving artists like L.A.’s Michael Medrano and even Sweden’s Darin a niche that was begun long ago by Brits Boy George, Marilyn, Pet Shop Boys, and Dead Or Alive. So what’s new to you, isn’t to me – Canada’s KINGA originally released long out of print indie “Sexy Boy” back in 1989 (you can listen to it at the link below), when it obtained a modicum of success on TV’s Much Music as well as some adventurous pop and college radio stations, which gave the androgenous KINGA a chance to shine in local performances. The fast-paced synthpop Champain remix of “Sexy Boy” brings him back with an alluring, smoother Boy George-ish vocal that sounds fresh all over again.

BILLCS Music Blog

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